Chrome and the Unity Plugin

Several weeks ago, Google released version 42 of their browser which disables NPAPI by default. Since all of our web games are played through the Unity Web Player, you won’t be able to play them directly through Chrome now. There two ways to fix this.

  1. Reenable NPAPI support in Google Chrome. This will make the Unity Web Player work again in Google’s browser. To do this, simply visit the following address and click on “Enable”:
    chrome://flags/#enable-npapiYou’ll need to restart Chrome to see the results.
  2. Switch your browser. Simply download either Firefox or Opera instead. NPAPI is still enabled by default on those two.

Please remember that if you use the Chrome option, Google does plan to completely remove NPAPI support later this year in September, so the option 1 won’t work anymore after that.

Besides that, I’ll probably start converting our web games into WebGL, so that they will keep being playable in the future.

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