Update about a few things including future projects

Just a quick update about the current status of things here at NovaFan Games and about future projects.

First, wanted to mention quickly about the current games we have that Snow Fort Defense may be the only one that gets an update. That would probably be to update the highscore system since that’s the main point of that game.

Next, a bit of news and announcements about future projects.

  • “Castle Climber”(probably not final title) will be a small Web game focusing on using a minimum amount of buttons and colors, just like an old Game&Watch game. It’ll be the next game released as the main part of the gameplay is already done. The gameplay focus of it is to get the highest score as possible, similar to old arcade games or Game&Watch games. Made in Unity3D.
  • “Exit Door” will probably be the next released game (not really sure, though). As already specified in the game’s page, the game stars a blue robot trying to find the real exit in each room. The game does need to be redone, though, as the previous code is really old now. It’ll be a downloadable game for all computer OS, Windows, Linux, and OS X. Made in Unity3D.
  • And the latest and newest thing, currently only in codename and design stages. Project “Never Stop Dreaming” will be retro styled action platform game. With inspiration from Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man. Very likely will be a downloadable game too. Made in Unity3D.

And that’s all the news for now.

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